Upcoming Events

7:30 pm Monthly GTCCA Meeting March @ Pickersgill Retirement Community
Monthly GTCCA Meeting March @ Pickersgill Retirement Community
Mar 15 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
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7:30 pm Monthly GTCCA Meeting April @ Pickersgill Retirement Community
Monthly GTCCA Meeting April @ Pickersgill Retirement Community
Apr 19 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
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7:30 pm Monthly GTCCA Meeting May @ Pickersgill Retirement Community
Monthly GTCCA Meeting May @ Pickersgill Retirement Community
May 17 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
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6:00 pm GTCCA Summer Soirée @ TBA
GTCCA Summer Soirée @ TBA
Jun 21 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The annual GTCCA Summer Soirée. Great socializing, light food & beverages. Location: TBAShare this:EmailFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsAppMorePrintTelegramGooglePocketRedditLinkedInTumblrSkypeLike this:Like Loading...
7:30 pm Monthly GTCCA Meeting July @ Pickersgill Retirement Community
Monthly GTCCA Meeting July @ Pickersgill Retirement Community
Jul 19 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
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Baltimore Co. Police & Fire



Member Community Associations
(last update: 1/19/18)

GTCCA Towson Community Map (1.01Mb PDF)
Map is courtesy of Towson University President’s Office and
created by Towson University Center for GIS.

Become a GTCCA member or renew:
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Aigburth Manor Association of Towson, Inc.
President & GTCCA Delegate: Mary Carol Bruff, email: c_bruff08@comcast.net
VP & GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Paul Hartman, email: info@aigburthmanor.org

Anneslie Community Association
President: Rick Kiegel, email: rjkiegel@mccormicktaylor.com
GTCCA Delegate: Jim Dobson, email: jimdobson@comcast.net

Armagh Village Improvement Association
President & GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Mark Lubin, email: marklubin1@yahoo.com
GTCCA Delegate: Steve Cupit, email: numcounter32@yahoo.com
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: John Riina, email: jcriina@comcast.net

Bellona-Gittings Community Association
President & GTCCA Delegate: Patrick Rossello, email: rossello@comcast.net
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Nancy Maronick, email: maronick@verizon.net

Burkleigh Square Community Association
President & GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Greg Bauer, email: gjbauer24@verizon.net
GTCCA Delegate: Tracey Marcantoni, email: tmarcantoni@gmail.com

Campus Hills Community Association
Association contact email: information@campushills.org
President: Jaideep Sinha, email: sinha924@gmail.com
GTCCA Delegate: Joe Goodman, email: goodco39@aol.com

Chatterleigh Association, Inc.
President: Rita Solinsky, email: rmsolinsky@comcast.net
GTCCA Delegate: Laurie Taylor-Mitchell
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Phil Golden

Cromwell Valley Community Association
President & GTCCA Delegate: Robert Swensen, email: bswensen@ttsnet.com
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Jennifer Swensen

Dulaney Towers Maintenance Association
President: Stephen Mealy, email: Stefhanplants@aol.com
GTCCA Delegate: Bill Moeller, email: Wfmoeller@gmail.com

Fellowship Forest Community Association
President: Keven Koepenick, email: kkoepenick@baltimorecountymd.gov
GTCCA Delegate: Nancy Reigle, email: nreigle@aol.com
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Donna Scarbrough

Glendale-Glenmont Community Association
President & GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Valerie Zeender, email: valerie.zeender@gmail.com
GTCCA Delegate: Joan Orozco, email: ivyhilljoan@comcast.net

Goucher Woods HOA, Inc.
GTCCA Delegate: Marian Latshaw, email: marian@latshaw.com

Greenbrier Community Association
President: Kyra Vocci, email: kkolbe23@yahoo.com
GTCCA Delegate: Lorrie Geiss, email: lorrie.geiss@longandfoster.com

Hampton Gardens Community Association
GTCCA Delegate: Wayne Skinner, email: wskinner101@verizon.net
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Julie Sugar, email: Julie.sugar@verizon.net

Idlewylde Community Association
GTCCA Delegate: Dana Reed, email: danareed802@gmail.com

Knettishall Community Association
President & GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Janice Krach, email: janice_8325@yahoo.com
GTCCA Delegate: Bryan Fischer, email: bryanfischer@gmail.com

Knollwood-Donnybrook Improvement Association
President: David Riley, email: david.riley@verizon.net
GTCCA Delegate: Sandra Ortwein, email: sandra.ortwein@gmail.com
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Jo Marvan, email: Jomarvan@gmail.com

Loch Hill Community Association
President: Allysha N. Lorber, email: anlorber@mccormicktaylor.com

Association of Loch Raven Village, Inc.
Presiden: Nick Linehan, email: lochravenvillagegreen@gmail.com

Overbrook Community Association
President: Josh Lashley, email: overbrook.president@gmail.com
GTCCA Delegate: Mike Scherer, email: msscherer1@yahoo.com

Ridgeleigh Community Association
President: Bill Deysher, email: wdeysher@gmail.com
GTCCA Delegate: Diane Blackwood, email: dlblackwood@verizon.net

Ridgely Condominium Association
President: Andrew Russo
GTCCA Delegate: Roger Proehl, email: Rapvac1@aol.com

Rodgers Forge Community, Inc.
President & GTCCA Delegate: John Rinehart, email: john.rinehart@yahoo.com
GTCCA Alt. Delegates: Gerald Truelove, email: gmtruelove@verizon.net; Josh Jones, email: jljones314@gmail.com

Ruxton Riderwood Lake Roland Area Improvement Association, Inc.
President: Patrick Jarosinski, email: rrlraia@comcast.net
Executive Director & GTCCA Delegate: Peggy Squitieri, email: rrlraia@comcast.net

Southland Hills Improvement Association
President: Paul Saleh, email: southlandnews@gmail.com
GTCCA Delegate: Therese McAllister, email: theresemcallister@comcast.net

Stoneleigh Community Association, Inc.
President: email: stoneleighpresident@gmail.com

Stoneridge Improvement Association
President: Ali Crawford, email: kokojaz@comcast.net

Thornleigh Improvement Association
President: Natalie Culbertson
GTCCA Delegate: Bob Simon, email: bobsimon@lnf.com

Towson Estates Association, Inc.
Association email: towsonestatesassociation@gmail.com
President & GTCCA Delegate: GT Keplinger, email: gkeplinger@comcast.net

Towsongate Condominiums
President: Vernon Strawhand, email: VStrawhand@verizon.net
GTCCA Delegate: Roger Gookin, email: Roger@gookin.com
VP & amp; GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Wilma Zimmerman, email: WilmZ@verizon.net

Towson Manor Village, Inc.
President: Joe La Bella, email: jclabella2010@gmail.com
GTCCA Delegate: Ed Kilcullen, email: edkilcullen@yahoo.com
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Andrew Kulp, email: andrew@buildingchurch.net

West Towson Neighborhood Association, Inc.
President: Carrie Cronin, email: carolina.cronin@comcast.net
GTCCA Delegate: Mike Ertel, email: mertel@jacobscompany.com
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Josh Gliken, email: glikin@bowie-jensen.com
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: SueAnn Griffin, email: SGriffin@rwbaird.com

Wiltondale Improvement Association
President: Nathan Raider, email: nathanmraider@gmail.com
GTCCA Delegate: Tim Lotz, email: tclotz30@verizon.net
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Chris Erwin


Other Communities

Charlesbrooke Community Association
President: Bill Carroll

Chesapeake Stone Manor Condominium Association
GTCCA Delegate: Bunny Ebeling, email: bunny.ebling@medstar.net
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Jane Roger

Gaywood Community Association
President: Brendan Moagat, email: bmoag@underarmour.com

Hampton Improvement Association
President & GTCCA Delegate: Dwight Kines
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Alan Moore

North East Towson Improvement Association, Inc.
President & GTCCA Delegate: Adelaide C. Bentley, home phone: 410-321-1346, office
phone: 410-296-4615

Ruxton Ridge Community Association

Towson Gardens Condominium Association, Inc.

Towson Park Community Corporation
President: Nancy Pivec, email: nancypivec@aol.com
GTCCA Delegate: Carl Eltringham, email: carl_elt@verizon.net
GTCCA Alt. Delegate: Fred Weimert

Valleys of Towson Condo Association

Virginia Towers Community Association

Woodbrook Village Nighborhood Association

Yorkleigh Community Association
President & GTCCA Delegate: Mike Calwell, email: mikecalwell@gmail.com